lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2008

into the wild...

i've passed through the wild
and hung around with wind and sound
i've lied into the wild
and left past behind

i have known so many paths by
the light of an all-lighting sun
and they always managed to
set us for the way back home

and when the night came to me
i just couldn't feel so ...

the world just gone too far
and the light on the candle went out
smooth and clear, the life on te road
has began...
and the world in its glow
just started to fade away

(esto es una autoinspiración con la película, cualquier semejanza corresponde a lo hondo que caló en mi alma dicha historia, cualquier queja, sugerencia y/o crítica al respecto será leída y deshechada. Por cualquier otra cosa está abierto el blog para dejar puteadas o lo que se les ocurra)